Activity Garmin has no start date

I often get this error messages for activities I have created manually in Garmin.
Is there a way you can avoid that?

I filed a ticket about this three months ago. No luck getting an answer so far…

Is your activity also a manually added one? It is - you stated that, doh…

In case someone actually picks it up here, this is my email.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 4 March 2020 at 06:29:56 CET
To: Xert Support
Subject: Re: [Xert] Re: Manual activity not imported

Hi guys,

Any progress/news on this?


On 13-02-2020 23:08, Xert Support wrote:
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Please see below a reply to your request (3694) from a member of the Xert Customer Support team. If you still have further questions or you’d like to add any additional comments to help us answer your question, please feel free to reply to this email.

Scott Steele (Xert)

Feb 13, 17:08 EST

Hi Robert,

I’ve passed the file onto the tech team. Hopefully we can take a look into an figure out what’s getting caught up.

Kind Regards,

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Robert Rijnders

Feb 13, 11:05 EST


I think I’ve brought this up before, but it has not been addressed.

Whenever I add a manual (spinning) activity to Garmin Connect, with data taken from my spinning device, including power, HR and RPM, it does not get through to Xert.

I get a message ‘Activity Garmin Connect Activity xxx has no start date.’

Can you figure out why? I’m attaching a TCX from such an activity – it has a date, from what I can see if I edit it…




See? Nobody cares…

And when I wanted to add another entry, I got this. Infuriating as that is, editing this entry can fix that… I hope the OP will read it and acknowledge that.

Well, that last comment helped, or was it coincidence? I finally did receive feedback from @ManofSteele

Long story short: Garmin manual entries, no matter how complete, are not received well by either Xert or Strava.

The ‘no start date’ error is just Xert’s (wrong) answer to a file it can’t fix - there is a start date, but there are no track points to validate.

Some things can be manually fixed in the output TCX file, but that’s more hassle than adding a manual entry directly into Xert.

Which is only useful for the XSS load, but it beats no entry at all.