Activity done on Xert IOs app not showing on planner

Hello there,

So today my forecast AI required me to do a workout of about 77 XSS. I asked for an AI generated workout and executed the workout as per plan. I ran the workout was via Xert iOS app.

I can see that the workout in my Activity Dashboard but not on the planner. Generally the workouts appear instantly on the planner.

Is this a bug or I should wait for a server refresh/update within the hour etc.

Also, once I see the workout in the planner if XSS is less or more than the expected AI forecasted value, should I run the AI adapter planner again?

Cheers and Tks for the support.

It sounds like the Planner page is displaying cached content.
A browser refresh should resolve the issue.

Seems that is not a cache issue. Workout does not show up in any of my different web browsers and electronic units.

Perhaps there is something odd about the activity (time stamp, corrupt power data, or ?).
If problem persists file a support request with

You don’t need to run Adapt Forecast if no red dot appears, but that option can be run to reshuffle your plan especially for the coming week.