Activity details Heart rate and power

There are several horizontal bars with numbers on the left and on the right of each bar. There is no tag ( description) for each vakue. my Iphone Garmin connect has a text descriotion for average heart rate and max. thecsame goes for power.Xert, on my ipad, has no description at all. It also has colors but they are meaningless. i dont knkw what they mean and theyre not relevant at all. is it possible to provide a succint non ambiguous description. Also, how come the heart rate is not brought in and trended. i need that to compare rides ( hydration, etc). Thanks

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They are max and average values.

There is a key at the bottom of the chart that lists entries like HR and Cadence. When you click on them that data overlays on the chart and a scale appears on left or right of the chart in same color as the key.
Not sure about an iPad but on my laptop it is clear which scale goes with each set of data. For example, HR is fuchsia and Cadence is turquoise (or whatever color you want to call them).
I suggest playing with disabling/enabling each of the key entries below the chart to get an idea which goes with what on the chart.

it may work with the Ipad, but I have an old on that does not take the latest OS update. So, it may have to do with that!

You shouldn’t need the latest OS update as Safari will fully render the site on any version. I just tried it on an old iPad Mini with iOS v9.3.5.
Under each horizontal bar is a label indicating Power (W), Speed (mph/kph), Cadence (rpm), and Heart Rate (bpm). Numbers above each bar reflect those (values).
Scroll down to the bottom of the chart, tap Heart Rate, wait a couple seconds, and a fuchsia line graph will appear. Tap Cadence, wait a few seconds, and a turquoise line will appear.

Thanks for the answer. @Xert team - This should be explained somewhere. I am new to Xert, but I have spent way too much time trying to understand undocumented things in the GUI.

The activity details page is in need of some updating. It’s been virtually unchanged since Xert originally debuted. It’s on the agenda!