Activities not uploading

I’m trying to upload a couple of activities from my hard drive and they aren’t showing up. Once I hit “Add Files…” and then “Open” a link appears to the activity on the Upload page but the activities do not appear in my Dashboard and are also not showing up in my fitness calculations. I uploaded a boat load of activities this way the other day so I’m not sure why I’m having problems now.

I have had the same problem today. All looks good when uploading and it say it updated my profile but they don’t show up in my activities.

Hi David/John,

Would you kindly email some of these FIT files to Thanks.

You may also try and set your timezone under Account Settings. We recently added this capability and it appears that your setting may not have been automatically set by the system. Let us know if this resolves your issue.

Looks like you were right. Once I selected my timezone I was able to get my activities to upload. Thank you!

That fixed it. Thanks