Activities From Garmin .fit Files Have Wrong Time

Hi, When I sync activities from my Garmin account, or manually upload a .fit file from a Garmin activity, the resulting times in Xert are shifted five hours forward, sometimes pushing the activity to the next day. It looks like Xert thinks the times in the Garmin activity are GMT times and shifts them five hours forward to be my local US Eastern time. Strangely though, if I sync the same activity from Strava, which also originally got the activity from sync’ing with Garmin, the times are correct. Is this a know issue? Is there a solution? I tried editing the activity by clicking from the Fitness Planner, but while it lets me edit the time and date, no resulting “Save” button appears to save the edited activity.

Check your Timezone setting in Account Settings.

That fixed the time on import issue. Thanks.