Acidentally deleted a ride

I just had a breakthrough ride where my TP increased 10 watts. I accidentally deleted it and cannot find it. I have the garmin file, but it doesn’t take into account MPA. Is there any way I can get that ride back?

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Did you try uploading the garmin file? My guess is that it will work fine.

Yes, I can get the Garmin file, it just doesn’t show the breakthrough. I can manually manipulate to power curve to get the numbers I want, but I’d really like to see, and use, that breakthrough workout. So I guess my question is is there any way within the Xert data base to retrieve an accidentally deleted workout?

It happened to me too. If you synced your account with Strava resync activities and it will be automatically imported from Strava

Thank you, that’s a good tip. I don’t use Strava any more but might need to reconsider! Again, thanks.

What device created the file that created the breakthrough? I don’t understand why a fit file from a garmin wouldn’t show the same breakthrough, as supposedly all the processing happens on the server. Maybe a mod will explain.

Hi Richard,

If you can, send a copy of the Garmin .fit file with a note to support (include details of what happened). We can take a look at it there - hard to explain here without having all the details.