Accumulated time at given intensities

I’ve really gone all in on Xert this year not just for my signature but for guiding me with workouts. I’ve ramped up training load and paid attention to Focus as I go. Having said that, I haven’t paid any attention to doing say, 30 minutes of TP work, then 35, then 40, etc. Does that matter or does the increasing TL and narrowing Focus implicitly take care of worrying about ramping time at various intensities?

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Exactly. We don’t really track “time in zones” or anything like that, since that doesn’t really tell us much. Instead, we can look at the total distribution of your XSS/Training Loads (low, high, and peak) and then see how that correlates with your power duration curve to give us your progression FOCUS. As you arrive closer and closer to your TED, you want/expect your progression Focus to approach your selected athlete type.

Sounds good. I was never very good about remembering about where I was in the 3x8 to 3x10 to 3x12 progression anyway.