A workout graphic in strava for every ride: possible?

Hey all,

In Strava, Xert gives me a graphic for breakthrough rides (and near breakthroughs, sadly).

I get a text report for every single ride.

Is it possible to get a graphic for every single ride automatically inserted into Strava? I don’t see a way to do this. Yet a friend of mine just joined Xert and here’s a non-breakthrough ride he did and he has a graphic. How can I get that for every ride?

The data path is fine and works to get workout reports. It goes Garmin Connect–>Xert–>Strava

Thank you, and hopefully this hasn’t been asked and answered a million times already. I did search around for it.

Are both accounts set up according to this article with Garmin connection to Strava disabled?
How do I get Breakthrough and Workout Reports to show on Strava? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
Are activities being recorded in the same fashion each time?

I don’t know about my pal, but yes for me it is

Garmin → Xert → Strava

and I get the reports, the ride is titled, the breakthroughs get a picture.

It would just be cool to get the ride graphic for every single ride, not just breakthroughs.

So is that a thing? Does anyone get a graphic inserted into Strava for every ride they do?

I get a graphic image on strava for every ride done using the xert ebc app.

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if from ebc, then yes.
if from garmin computer, then no.

ok thanks, all I needed to know