A small question on dynamic duration

SMART intervals are pretty cool.

What happens if you skip an interval? for example lets say you are doing SMART - Iron Man - 120.
you are in the first 12x5 min MMP intervals with 97% Reserve MPA duration with 95% LTP 99% Reserve MPA recoveries…

in theory… if you don’t pedal, the workout should go on forever because you never reach the 97% Reserve MPA.
I tested the workout on my phone just to see and it looks like the interval does still end… and the recovery interval is about 3 minutes… but since my MPA reserve is already at 100%, shouldn’t the recovery interval be 0 seconds long?

I just am wondering what dictates the maximum length of intervals and the minimum length of recovery intervals when doing SMART dynamic duration intervals maybe i missed it in the website

I think I’ve read somewhere that there is a limit an interval can be modified smartly.
I recall ±10%, but I’m not sure and I did not experience it really !

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