A SAVE button on Planner

Hey Team,

It would be marvellous to implement a ‘SAVE’ button on the planner.

I understand that Xert may not want us to change Duration, XSS etc as it could mess with the Fitness Signature, however when you want to RENAME it would be great to save it directly from the planner.

See the picture to what I mean :slight_smile:

Any thoughts here?

PS: I’m coming off an injury, so excuse my XSS Deficit:(

Hi Steve,

Correct. That’s why there is no ability to edit any of the activity details for the time being. If you wish to change the title of the ride or description, you’ll just need to go to the activity via the activity details or by clicking ‘Open’ at the bottom of the fitness planner pop-up page.

This dialogue will likely be changing as we implement some addiitonal features moving forward… so stay tuned :wink:


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