A route in Xert EBC

is it possible to add a cycle route for an external activity with xert ebc?

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If you mean the ability to load a gpx file, hang tight. More is coming down the road. :smiley:


Great then i’m impatient. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Apologies as I feel I should already know this…

Are you Dr Stephen Cheung?

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Certainly not! :smiley:
I’m just a Xert user who was an early alpha tester where these things have been discussed and/or tested. Some of which won’t be public until the official release or added to the public beta…
Also routes were already posted by someone more in the know than me :slight_smile:



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Hello, Have you an idea for he date of thi option, to import GPS file in Xert EBC :slight_smile: Thanks for all !!!

Resurrecting a somewhat old thread to say that this is something I’m interested in as well!