A few questions

Hi, I’m new XERT but after doing a lot of reading and listening I can’t wait to subscribe and get stuck into it in a few days when I pick up my new trainer.
A couple of questions however :

  1. Is it possible for XERT to determine the ideal power/heart rate/duration for the ‘ideal’ recovery ride? I’m not new to training and always felt about 45mins is best for at about 50% FTP. Can XERT improve on this estimation?

  2. I do weight training throughout the week. Is it possible to model the strain of this so it contributes to my form? I know it’s difficult considering ‘weight training’ can mean many things, but a score system at it’s basic form would be a start?

  3. For any given activity performed, the Calories (kCal) burnt seems to be a lot more than other platforms. For example tonights recovery commute home (29km, 126w ave) XERT calculated I have burnt 711kCal. But other platforms have me burning 146kCal for the identical activity.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Travis, good questions.

  1. Xert only uses power data for our analysis. However, we offer a metric called LTP, or lower threshold power. This point is analogous to LT1, or the bodies maximal fat oxidation point. We recommend that recovery rides never exceed LTP. We have active recovery rides included in our workout library, so check them out.
  2. You can enter weight sessions into the fitness planner manually. However, it’s difficult to determine how the strain from weight training specifically translates into cycling fitness. We suggest tracking these sessions outside of Xert and using the fitness feedback slider. The slider will modify our Adaptive Training Advisor suggested workouts to an easier or harder recommendations based on how you feel after lifting.