A few more questions as I continue to learn

I wanted to get a workout where I could feel the strain (not just the power targets) from doing a climb with variable slopes, so I created a workout mostly in slope mode to achieve this. I had power targets with anywhere from a 1% slope up to an 8% slope for variable times. I did this so it would feel the same on the trainer as riding the same slope outdoors.
Question 1- I started running the program in auto mode on the iphone player, but when I got to the first interval that was in slope mode, I could not feel the strain of the slope. I changed the player to slope mode I instantly felt the strain of the slope I had designed. So even though the workout called for slope mode auto mode did not account for the slope. Is that the way it should be?
Question 2- with the player on my iphone set to slope mode, it was set at 1% even though the interval was designed to be at 6%. I had to manually adjust the player with the + tab to 6% to get what I thought was the true feel. When the interval was done, I then had to manually reset back to 1%.
Again, is this how it is suppose to work?
Question 3- (this one will show what an idiot I am)- is there a chart or something that gives the minimum power to climb a certain % slope? For instance, I was trying to achieve a 4% slope at 140 watts, but even at a very low cadence, in a 29x27 gear, I was well above the 140 watts.
I have a training camp coming up at the end of March which will be quite hilly, so I’m just trying to design some workouts that will give me a feel as to what to expect from this camp as well as continue with my training.
A final note, I did hit a bronze breakthrough on todays ride.

Q1 - Hard to say without seeing the workout in Workout Designer but the mode should change automatically if defined that way. What model smart trainer do you have?
Q2 - Once you change to Slope mode on the app the app controls slope.
Q3 - Bike Calculator

Sounds like you want to simulate an outdoor ride at various slope %.
You can do that without a workout selected by starting the activity, change to Slope mode, then ride whatever slope % you want for however many minutes you want and use +/- periodically to vary the slope %.

Training for climbing doesn’t have to include riding actual climbs. :wink: If you have set Athlete Type to Climber (10-minute focus) and are following a progression, focus type for suggested workouts will switch to Climber focus when you reach Peak phase (30 days out from TED).
Or you can use Filter to select Climber workouts as your high intensity workouts each week.

I have a Saris Magnus trainer (wheel on) that I use with Assioma power pedals that I monitor power with.
Yes, I’m trying to stimulate outdoor climbing while indoor riding while trying to hit power targets. I hadn’t thought about just riding and changing the slope to grade I would like to stimulate (as said I’m still learning). So far the climbing workouts that I have done have not had the leg strain (if that’s the proper wording) that I experience when having to face a climb and that is what I am trying to mimic.
Thanks again