A few more questions about xert

I’m annoyed that I can only seem to see the “focus” whether it be “time trialist” or “endurance” or “breakaway specialist”

and another thing, I’m annoyed by the difficulty level of activities… It is just frustrating to have to remember the inter-conversion rate between difficulty score and the diamonds for workouts… Yes there is a table online, but i mean if i’m out on the road, and XATA told me to do a 2-diamond workout, then i’d like to use my garmin and have my garmin tell me how close I am to going to a 2.5 diamond workout. but no, I need to memorize that my target difficulty range should be in the range 50-62 since garmin only gives a live difficulty rating.

anyone have an idea about the XATA interaction with the planner?
If i click through all the way to my target event, using the little button in the bottom right hand corner to “automatically create recomended workout” I notice in the weekly stats page of the planner that it basically never creates a weekly focus that is close to the “recomended focus”.
my target event date is april 25th… see screen shot below you can see in all the march weeks that it should be progressing me from endurance, all the way through to my target focus duration which is breakaway specialist. but for whatever reason, it never gets past the endurance focus duration. and going into april, it backs it just keeps doing an endurance focus duration.

the only thing I will say about the XATA is that it is prescribing a good work load that will steadily increase my training load while preventing my XPMC form from dropping into the red.

Hi Isaac,

I’ll try to answer your questions/concerns the best that I can below…

You can customize the view of the weekly stats page by pushing the column button in the upper right-hand corner (screenshot below). That view is shown by default, since it’s showing the recommended focus of the workouts through the different phases of your training program, as you get closer to your target event date.

Yes there is a table online, but i mean if i’m out on the road, and XATA told me to do a 2-diamond workout
If you’re doing a workout outdoors, the difficulty is somewhat irrelevant (or less relevant than the recommended Focus and XSS). We provide the focus difficulty to give XATA some idea of the difficulty of workouts to recommend (especially for indoor training). This is to ensure a newer, 1 or 2 star rider isn’t recommended 5 diamond workouts that they may not be able to complete. Since you’re free-styling your ride out on the road, you can dynamically make the ride easier if it’s getting too difficult.

We generally only recommend planning a few days (or maybe a week) in advance. The fitness planner wasn’t necessarily designed to test weeks/months of workouts at a time. Also, remember that weekly focus is looking at the total distribution of Low/High/Peak strain across the week. Since the total amount of strain is mostly low strain, it makes sense that the total focus would be more towards Endurance, but hard to say exactly without seeing all of the recommended/planned workouts.

Hope that makes sense! Good questions!

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