A blog entry pushing Xert

I wrote a blog entry about Xert https://sixtyplustimetrialling.wordpress.com/2020/06/13/i-saw-the-future-of-training-apps-xert/
Any other blogs from users about Xert.
I am always keen on hearing others experiences


Excellent John.

Great blog. Xert is my favorite. Wished more coaches would get it.

Nice work. Now I can just link to this when I’m trying to evangelise Xert to friends!

I wrote an updated blog post on training tools and vaguely ‘promised’ I might write a post dedicated to Xert. Never came to be, but I plug them as much as I can on Twitter - I don’t ‘do’ Facebook - but they’re not very active there.

Would be cool to have more people chatting about us online. Seems more and more people are interested in ditching the older ways for our novel methods :slight_smile:


Im telling all my cyclist friends about Xert IRL. But it’s amazing how many people want to get faster but just want to ride rather than train.

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