60min MMP not equal to 1 hour on the Power curve?

Should it be? I created a workout using 60min MMP intervals. The wattage of these intervals in the workout creator does not equal that of the power shown on the Power Curve at 1:00:00.

60MMP wattage in the workout creator is calculated as more than TP but it should be less.

Hi James, the reason for the discrepancy between your 60min MMP and the interval power…is due to a bug, sorry. For the time being, use MMP targets of 20 mins or less, or use a different interval type, until we sort it out.

This bug still appears to exist. I just created a workout with MMP set to 60 but the interval watts are wrong. Not by much but definitely wrong.


Hey George,

The longer power durations on the Power Curve calculator use some second-order fatigue model which isn’t yet incorporated into the live MPA data or workout designer, which is why there’s a bit of a difference. For now, we still recommend using MMP < 60 min for workouts.

In my personal experience, I don’t think I’ve used MMP lower than 20 MMP in any of my custom workouts. At that point of the PD curve, you’re better off using %TP (or %LTP).

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