6-Week planned numbers

I might be misunderstanding this, but as we are advised not to plan ahead too much, i.e not fill the planner with (suggested) workouts for more than a week, what’s the point of the ‘6-Week Planned Threshold Power’ and ‘6-Week Planned x Hour Power’?

I assume this projection is based on doing nothing for 6 weeks…

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I’m just guessing here but I would say it’s there because we all use Xert differently. Some people might like to plan their next training block completely and then adjust using the guidance when required and hence they would use this statistic

I know that’s the idea behind it, but it has been often repeated that it isn’t very useful to plan 6 weeks ahead, as there are too many variables that could interfere with your ability to comply.

But you’re right, some people may actually be able to do that, or just go through the trouble of filling their calendar with 6 weeks of recommended workouts, to see the projection and then either erase that data, or see how it goes.

But I think that would probably end up in the planned power being exactly equal to the projected power, so why bother?

Good question. It may be leading people astray.
It appears lots of cyclists migrate to Xert from other platforms and immediately start populating the Planner because that’s what they’re accustomed to using.
They’d be better off not populating the Planner at all (leap of faith) or as you mention one week at a time.

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