5 min power too high

Hi, my 5 min power being imported from workout via Garmin or starve is way too high, after checking the workouts within garmin and training peaks the 5 min efforts are 50w lower but once uploaded to XERT they shot back up. This is happening on multi rides data on exert but no other platform. I am pulling my hair out over this. Also my total max power is out of whack greatly affecting my signature.

Hi Mike. Check the FAQ “Is my fitness signature wrong?”. If your max power has been obtained from power spikes that snuck past our filter, you may need to remove those activities. (Some use www.fitfiletools.com to correct errors in the FIT file.)

Thanks, my max power is correct, why is the peak power 200w higher, is that correct

Check your Activities Table. Add Max Power as a column and sort by that column to see where your activities may have some possible errors.

Ive taken a look at max power and maximum power is 200w lower than peak power. I would have thought Max and peak power should be similar?

Check that your effort isn’t too short since the system may not recognize it as a max power effort.

I did a 5 minutes all out ride (4 month ago) and my result was 363W. 14 days before i did the ride with 349W.
But in my profile i have just 321W for 5 minutes. Why?

Your 5 minute power in your profile is based on your latest breakthrough. The system uses the fitness signature from your latest breakthrough, it then decays the signature slightly over time, and then calculates your 5 minute power based on this signature. See the blog on How Xert Works for a bit more explanation of how the system establishes your current profile fitness signature.

Ok, thanks for the pretty fast answer. that means, i have to do periodically a 5 minute all out to have my present value.

No. You need to simply have to have a breakthrough. The system will then infer what your 5 minute power will be.

Is there anywhere on xert where you can see your raw power curve with actual achieved data rather than inferred? (typically what you would find in TP or todaysplan etx)