3 stars to 4 stars in 6 weeks

Extreme-1 Improvement Rate. Listen to the latest podcast to hear how I did it. (Keep in mind I’m still healing from a broken pelvis).


Link please.

I’m unable to see this new podcast anywhere. The latest I can see is episode 24 from 11 days ago. Can you please provide a link to the new one.

Episode 24 goes into some of the methods you can use to be opportunitistic with your training. Link should be posted in the forum.

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Just listened to the podcast again and have a question on timing of the hard workouts.

If you look at the planner, do you do the hard workout on the day the planner turns blue (if possible) or the day after? In the example planner below (dates in the past as my TL is intentionally dropping), would you do your high intensity on 12th June? Sometimes I find the colour on the planner is not the same as the training status and form under my profile picture. Is this just due to the time I am looking, eg yellow in the morning blue in the evening.

If I’m correct, training as I suggest would mean whe n you look back in time you won’t see any blue stars? Is that the intention?

You’ll need to review your “Training Status as of” time. I set mine up to be before I train (3am) rather than after. For this block, I was watching for when the blue days were coming and would ride easy until then. Sometimes the day before I’d add some intensity in and the day I turn blue would get pushed out a day or so. I was just keenly aware of what my status was and how I was feeling the whole time so that I could eke out as much as I could. I would add intensity when I felt I could and I was close to being blue, sometimes after.

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Thanks. I’d left mine at 23:59 which probably explains my confusion. All useful information and listening to how you feel is a skill I need to learn. Looking forward to training smarter with xert when I restart my training.

I’ve often wondered about this, I usually set mine about an hour or so before I go to bed! As I am not going to be doing anymore training then, but your method makes a lot of sense, would it be better to set it about the time I get up? That way I can look at the advisor and know what my goals are for the day.