2nd ride of the day causes drop in FTP

Recently on my morning ride to work I had a silver breakthrough which raised my FTP. On my ride home I took it easy but on the progression chart the TP line shows a vertical drop. I wouldn’t expect my 2nd ride of the day to lower my FTP or should I?

Hi Adrian, it appears that you had what we call a fakethrough on the way home (the hallow circle on your progression). A fakethrough is essentially a near-maximal effort, but you did not reach MPA. Xert adjusts your signature parameters down to fit the data. If you don’t believe this was truly a maximal effort, simply flag the ride and it will be analyzed with the same signature from your breakthrough earlier in the day (no drop in your TP on your progression). Cheers!

Thanks Scott. I did push hard on a segment on my way home. And I was at my max at the end of this segment. So I guess I’ll leave it as it.