1030 data vs xert

I just began riding a new Garmin 1030 and it is telling me that my watts per kilo is 5.76 and FTP is 400 watts. I do not see anything in the data that I have been generating in xert is anything as encouraging. Until the upgrade in head unit I have been using a 520. While out on these rides I contemplate where the signal goes from my pedal to my eyes and brain. The engineers here in Xert might be able to best tell that story, which I would certainly love to hear. It seems a miracle that I can see on the screen on my bike how many watts I am draining away from my potential. I do notice that there is a bit of a time lag between the Xert watts and the watts I track directly from the pedals within Garmin.

Hi Craig,

We use your fitness signature and your power data to compute the maximum power that you can generate at any point in time (i.e. MPA). The Garmin is telling you that you have a FTP of 400W? Interesting. I would definitely recommend using the TP that is calculated by Xert instead. The slight delay in the power is due to the raw data having to be run through through our calculations to determine the “color” that the power will be displayed as, as described below:
Blue = Power below LTP
Green = Power between LTP and TP
Yellow = Power at/above TP
Orange = 180s until reaching MPA
Red = 30s until reaching MPA
Purple = Breakthrough

I guess the calculations are done in residency on my unit or in my phone and not someplace else. I had thought the signals would have to be moved great distances. I certainly believe that the way you guys look at the data is better than anything I have seen yet.

OOPs, FTP was turned off until moments ago. I turned it on. Pesky digital switches, I didn’t interpret the position right. Earlier today I actually stood in the pedals and went hard as i could. I am of the school that it is undignified to stand up and pedal. Almost 10 watts per kg for 3 seconds on the power curve and got a breakthrough (and more power to play with in the future). Thanks Scotty!

Garmin 1030 and their minions in Garmin Connect still give me 400 watts FTP and an ego inflating Watts per kilo ( I know you guys want this FTP parameter to become obsolete and I am with you on that) even after properly toggling the head unit and riding on it. Maybe it takes a couple of rides for them to come to their senses. For now I will ignore it as it isn’t useful for telling me what I need to know in the moment on a ride.

Hmm, might be worth sending an email to Garmin Customer Support and asking for some clarification (or maybe reporting it as a bug)?