10 watt TP jump

Did you guys just tweak the algorithms on friday? On Saturday I woke up to a 10 watt increase. I was super impressed with myself until I looked back and saw my TP lifted 10w back quite a ways. Am I hitting the recalculate progression button too often or did I cross the Chronic Training Load threshold? Or???

Hi Jody. I’m assuming you’re not looking at the Projected but your current TP value.

Recalculating your progression is really meant to reset things in case there are errors or if you’ll looking to be more precise all the way through your historical data. We do push out updates to improve the algorithm but these will have no effect on existing progressions until you do a recalc. As you might imagine, getting signature extraction correct in a wide variety of data conditions is something that is very important to us and our updates are meant to improve on that range of situations. If you hadn’t done a recalc in a while and have done one recently, you may see greater overall fluctuation in your signature parameters as the latest algorithm tracks individual activities more closely than before.

Thanks. got it.