1.) What about the "Hardness Tests"? and 2.) BlockTraining

1.) When should I do a test and do I have to start with Level 05 and after that 06 and so on?
2.) Is it useful to simulate a blocktraining with Xert? I mean, I would set the “improvement rate” at the first week on “slow” (6.5 hours/week), second week “moderate 1” (7.4h/week), the third week to “moderate 2” (8.3h/week) and the forth week for recovering back to “maintenance” (5.5h/week).
And then in every week with the appropriate improvement rate I would choose 5 workouts with the “automatically workout creator”.
Make this all sense?

According to our data, there isn’t anything to be gained by “blocktraining” as you described. You simply should train as much that fits into your schedule and to change your training focus based on what you are trying to optimize for. For Hardness Tests, you can do them as part of your regular training. Generally, start with the one whose difficulty rating matches your current Training Status. Try others based on how that worked for you. Some are able to get to Level 11. I think they’re crazy. :slight_smile: