1 second interval duration?

I had Xert create an AI-generated workout for me, just to try it out. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the training session that I realized that the hardest intervals were only set to last for 1 (one) second. I’m assuming this must be an error, since I am unable to reach any meaningful intensity changes for just one sec? If it helps, the activity URL is Xert - Login

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 3.44.51 PM

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Something sounds amiss to generate a short duration workout like that.
What is your current TL? (status stars count)
Was this workout for a HIT forecast on an XFAI plan?
If so, do you recall 1) what the HIT description was for the day (ex, Pure Rouleur) and 2) the Training Advice text shown on the Training page?

Autogen is useful when no workouts on file match the XSS ratio goal for the day, or you don’t like any of the suggestions, or you’d like a simple workout to ride indoors or outdoors.
One second intervals sounds like a bug to me but any workout with short red spikes can be ridden successfully indoors on any trainer by switching the EBC app to Slope mode.

I currently am a one star rider. I signed up for the AI forecast beta, so had the AI generate a training plan for me. On this particular day, I couldn’t find any workouts listed that seemed like a good match for what the training plan told me to do, so like you said I had it generate one for me. Unfortunately I don’t remember the description or training advice that was there before I scheduled that training, but the training itself is labeled with “Pure Climber” focus. Hopefully this URL works now that I’ve shared it:

Looks like you got the intended strain score If Pure Climber focus was the goal for the day.
The effective result was three intervals of 4-1/2 minutes at around your 10-minute power (Climber) starting at ~258 watts then ~245 then ~235.
What’s odd is the description and three spikes within each interval which are visible when you enable Target Power in the key.

I think this is a bug that occurs at the 1-star level where Autogen attempts to generate three sets of declining intervals within a 30-minute workout versus the three effective intervals you got instead.
I’ll report the bug by contacting support@xertonline.com and reference this topic.

Workout selection choices are limited when you are at 1-star status so it makes sense to use Autogen especially for HIT workouts. The workout library expands when you reach 2 stars and above.
For now I’d ignore the description and spikes if the workout result does indeed match the target focus goal for the day.
BTW if you have a Wahoo trainer I suggest you disable power smoothing so you can accurately view your power fluctuations on the chart.

Awesome, thank you!