1 Hour Power Fix?


When will the 1 Hour Power in my fitness overview be fixed?
Currently the 1 hour power shows a higher value than the threshold power.



I didn’t realise there was a problem with it.

TP isn’t your 1 hour power. It’s close but they’re two differnet things.

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TP is always higher than 1 hour power.
The My Fitness overview is showing the wrong numbers

My TP is - 215
My 1 hour power is - 217

My 1 hour power has always been slightly higher than my TP. It’s never caused me any cause for concern.

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My TP is currently 186, my 1 hr power is at 188


From the glossary —
"Threshold Power is a Fitness Signature parameter that represents the highest power that can be sustained without accumulating short-term fatigue. Threshold Power can generally be sustained for just under an hour by most athletes, assuming that the discomfort generated is tolerable by the athlete over the entire period.*

Your 1 Hour power by definition will be slightly higher than your TP but neither number is exact.
You can view all your current duration data points by hovering over the dots on your Power Curve chart.

The My Fitness overview reflects which athlete type/focus duration pt you selected under Goals.
2 min (Road Sprinter)
3 min (Pursuiter)
4 min (Puncheur)
5 min (Breakaway Specialist)
6 min (Rouleur)
8 min (GC Specialist)
10 min (Climber)
20 min (Sprint TT)
1 hour (TT)
2 hour (Century Rider)
3+ hour (Triathlete)

Road Sprinter, Puncheur, GC Specialist, and Climber will display Watts/kg.
Power Sprinter, Pursuiter, Breakaway Specialist, Rouleur, Sprint TT, TT, Century Rider, and Triathlete will display Watts.


If TP is just under 1 hour, how do we know what our 20 minutes FTP is?

There is no such thing as a 20 minute FTP. Your FTP can be calculated by using 95% of your 20 minute power.

Look at your power curve and take your 20 minute power and use FTP = 0.95*20min power

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Where do i find my overall power curve?

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