Zwift clubs

As of a couple of days ago Zwift rolled out their Clubs feature. Are there any plans to create an Xert club?

It would be handy for the Wednesday xert group ride and any others…

this is a real question, not me being a jerk - but what would be the advantages of being in a zwift club?


The benefits are at the end.

Thx. Seems cool, if you’re into that. I’ve done one group ride on Zwift - and I’m level 30. I don’t understand how people have all this time to type and chat :slight_smile:

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I guess some people just like the camaraderie and don’t necessarily do workouts. You just need to look at the size of some of the zwift clubs to see this.

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Yeah, my dad is a member of the “Herd” … he invited me to their FB page, and I joined the group for a while. They are WAY more excited about Zwift than I am. I use Zwift/trainer to get me to my next road or gravel ride. I actually use all of my indoor training to help me improve my gravel or road riding. Super happy for those that enjoy it! My dad at 79, turned 80 - did over 5000 miles on zwift last year, it’s crazy!


Chapeau to your dad. Many people do not enjoy the risk of cycling outside nowadays. I guess it depends on where you live. I live in Scotland where you couldn’t keep me from riding outside.

I much prefer workouts to group rides, but the bonus with zwift is that you can actually ride a workout using xert whilst doing a zwift group ride.

I live in downtown Atlanta, where people get shot for sitting in the wrong seat at a movie theater. Scotland sounds nice…

(My personal re-focus on Gravel has been to keep me off the roads as much, it’s peaceful).

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Its just a crazy world at times.

I actually did get one started as soon as it was announced. As the linked article suggests, it’s not clear how people can navigate to it or apply to join it. Perhaps that will be improved in the future.


A Xert ZRL team would be dope! I’ve done two seasons of ZRL and enjoy it immensely. I’ve only had one top 10 finish, but it’s a great workout and a challenge in general.