XSS Surplus and Deficits

Armando, I know this has been asked before but absent a search function I’m going to have to ask it again, because I’m good with understanding Xert’s features with the exception of calculation of XSS surplus and deficits. Yesterday 18/12 I had a surplus of 28 XSS. This morning 19/12 at 7am (my usual activity time) I had a deficit of 60 XSS. My workout (at 11.30am) was 3 hours and 176 XSS. I now have a deficit of 35 XSS… This is puzzling, and as my life circumstances are that’s it’s a day-to-day proposition as to what I can get done, my lack of understanding is making it hard to plan! Cheers.

Hi Geoff. Check out our blog post on the advisor. XSS Deficits/Surpluses can fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, as the calculation looks at your past week in the calculation. If you had some big rides last week, you will see more than usual XSS deficits this week in order to maintain your improvement rate. To operate the pacer correctly, work towards moving it right of center and avoid letting it move into the red. Doing so, you will be in the best position to achieve the improvement rate you set.