Xert workout player for Bontrager edition on garmin edge 1030

According to the connect IQ store the Xert workout player is not compatible with the Bontrager version of the garmin 1030 but all of xert’s other apps are compatible with the bontrager 1030. Is there any way to run the app on my 1030 in order to do xert workouts?

Hi Ezra. We’re not aware of any differences to the firmware for the Bontrager version. We’d have to look into things further to see what the differences could be.

Any luck figuring out why it does not work? It is weird because all of the the other apps such as what is my ftp work on the Bontrager version. Maybe it’s because the player is older and you guys have just not told garmin that it would work with the Bontrager 1030?

Kindly send this into our support email so that we can keep track of this issue. Sorry for the trouble.

New version of the workout player was published today that now includes support for the Bontrager 1030. :slight_smile: