Xert workout played correctly from garmin edge 520..

but not sent to xertonline … Still stored on the garmin

Have you tried downloading the .FIT file from Garmin Connect and manually uploading it to Xert? Though you shouldn’t have to do this, it’s an option if a sync doesn’t occur. If you’re still having trouble, send a note to support@xertonline.com with your username and the team there will have a look into it.

thanks Jamie. done … the file contain no power data :confused: I suppose i should have paired my garmin with the trainer before… but erg was working

Yes, if you’re running the workout from your Garmin, make sure you have configured things correctly. Here is an FAQ with detailed instructions: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/using-the-xert-workout-player-for-garmin-connectiq/