Xert went weird

Last night, after manually deleting and reloading a ride that was (and still is) not correctly undestood by Xert , the total kms suddenly got multiplied to 26000. It would be nide, but is not correct. At the same time, the fitness analysis also changed, a bit. What might have happened?

Furthermore, suddenly also projected fitness values are not diplayed anymore.

Projected fitness appears ok. Perhaps there was a short delay in processing your data. How are you loading data onto the system?

Now of seems Ok again, after removing all rides, reloading and waiting a few hours. Manual upload was done by following the prompted procedure, the tcx.-file was in Dropbox.

Are you able to try this again? If you see the same issue, please send us the TCX file you are using to support@xertonline.com. Thanks.

This is the activity in question, still not analysed and displayed correctly https://www.xertonline.com/activities/zhekrkabqetj0nr7

Tcx (file name night ride…) sent to your support,

Did the whole process agan: deleted the activity mentioned above, reloaded it with a different (garmin) file name. No changes in the analysis, everythong seems to be fine. Except the fact that the activity is not diplayed correctly: power is nil etc. He current activity is https://www.xertonline.com/activities/f83pgqaqwqzrfgfu

This activity is 17 hours long with a very long gap. System did not process it.

Cropped the activity in Strava (removed the gap) and manually uploaded. Now displays and processes fine. There was a gold medal hidden in the activity :smile:!

Hi, I uploaded today my rides from jan-apr 2017 and Xert is showing crazy numbers again. Total kilometer some 42000 when the correct number should be 8695.

Is there one activity causing the issue or is it all of them?

Can not track this to any specifiic one. Uploaded them as a group.

What does the Distance column show in the Table View?