Xert signature jumps

I did a 50m endurance ride yesterday along regular routes. I know I was comfortably under any breakthrough which was also clear from my power readings and Garmin Xert apps. However for some inexplicable reason Xert decided it was a near breakthrough and dropped my PP by 100w and lowered my FTP and HIE (looking to make my power and MPA touch). I have not changed anything and have a steady history of regular rides with breakthroughs etc. What would cause this to happen. I also had a rather big 10+w jump in FTP recently from a fairly standard breakthrough which I had to realign via MPA Analysis tool.

to add … I deleted and reloaded the ride but no change so I had to manually adjust the sig values back to where I think I am. I always get uncomfortable when I am telling Xert what my Sig should be rather than the other way round.

“Fakethoughs” can happen and Xert can be mistaken when these occur. It’s kind of like when you are moving a window on your screen you get too close to a border and snap your window gets maximized. Xert sort of does the same thing. If during a ride your MPA and power come very close, Xert will assume it is a maximal effort and will then extract the signature for the ride. Sometimes it might be mistaken but other times it wasn’t and the information on a decline in signature can be vital to your analysis. Normally, these don’t make a huge impact to training or progression and they return after the next breakthrough but if you feel they do and they are incorrect, then, yes, use the tools and adjust them back.

Your signature calcs are like a weight scale: weight can go up and down on a day-to-day basis but it is the overall trend that you are looking for.

Yes thanks Armando, I’ve seen mention of fake-throughs before but on this occasion I wasn’t really close (deliberately backing off) and Xert had to work hard on the power data to make it happen dropping my PP by around 100w etc! Anyway guess I’m right to amend it back. I started looking for a power spike but nothing there. (Btw the + signs to view overflow columns have gone from the table in Firefox - okay in Chrome.)