xert remote player for windows Desktop Connect HOW?

I am using Windows 7.
I’m doing Indoor training with Tacx Neo.

No information is displayed on the Desktop screen after running Xert Remote Player.
How to connect Xert Remote Player with Tacx Neo or Garmin from Desktop

Please let me know the detailed order.

Hello DoYeon. Please use the Xert Player. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82SMq9_ZcJc&list=PL-ibNSKuGVWHi5SROailGp_S9wUbEqc19&index=14 to configure your Garmin and Garmin Connect Mobile. You will need a Garmin 520, 820, 1000 or 1030 and you will need Garmin Connect Mobile. Once you are performing a workout with the Xert Player, you can then click on the Remote Player to view the data and follow the workout using the Remote Player.

Don’t forget that you need ANT+ dongle for your Garmin headset to communicate with your Desktop computer.

Jay, this isn’t a requirement here since the Remote Player uses Internet connectivity to Garmin Connect Mobile to communicate with the Garmin, and hence, the Xert Player on the Garmin.