Xert Player

Hi there, currently I own a powertap p1 and a garmin 520, I do not have the cadence (as powertap does that already) and the speed sensor. Today I was trying the Xert Player without any workouts loaded on the road and noticed that the distance field was stuck at 0. Do I need to have a speed sensor for it to work? Distance on the Edge 520 was loading correctly as it uses GPS. Thanks a lot!

The Garmin CIQ system should normally provide the speed, whether there is a speed sensor or based on GPS, to our app. IYou can check the Status Page to see if there is any info there. Do you have a Trainer configured in our app?

Hi Armando, thanks for your always helpful answers. I do not have a Trainer configured in the app but I noticed on the Status Page that GPS was OFF, didn’t test yet but turned on thinking that it will fix the speed measurement.

I suspect it won’t since that should only determine if GPS is recorded in the FIT file. You should have speed data post ride with it though.

Awesome then, thanks a lot. This will be fine, I am really liking the direcions Xert is going and I know in which platform my Premium subscription will be renewed next year.