Xert Player for Ios save, does it Save to your Xert profile?

I hit save on an hour workout last night on the IOs Xert App and there is nothing save anywhere I can find. What did I do wrong?

Hi Tim. There is a known bug that we are looking into where activities are not saved. Please be sure to completely shutdown the app. Choose your workout here (not in the app) and then complete your workout. You may even wish to record on another device just in case this issue happens again. Sorry for the trouble.

Hey. Any timescale on fixes for iOS app? I think I have a 50% success rate of saving workouts. Another one failed last night… :frowning: Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe if you shutdown the app completely, restart and simply accept the chosen workout, it should work without issue. Still, best to concurrently record on a Garmin/ELEMNT if you are able. Hopefully within the next month or two, we’ll have a update out.

I think I had done that. One thing that I did do was hop off the bike mid workout to sort some things and missed the end of an interval and a short interval if that helps shed any light on the issue?

Thanks. If this happens again, let us know. It will help us replicate the issue.