Xert Novice Needs Help with Setup

I just signed up for a 30 day Xert trial.
I have Garmin ANT+ HRM that cannot pair with my android phone or my iPad.
I train on either a Tacx Neo Bike Smart or Tacx Neo trainer at different homes.
Apparently the Tacx Neo Bike Smart is able to pair automatically with my Garmin ANT+ HRM because I see HR on the Tacx’s built in monitor.

Today I did a workout using the android Xert EBC app but that app can’t show my HR because it can’t pair with my ANT+ HRM.
I don’t find today’s Xert workout in my activities area of the Xertonline.com site or in Garmin Connect?! (I gave Xert permission to up/download data to Garmin Connect and see some old Garmin rides in my Xert activities.) I don’t even seem to be able to find it on the Xert EBC app?? Is it lost? (I was a fairly hard 1:47 workout.)
these deficiencies make the android Xert EBC app undesirable for me to do Xert workouts.

I also have a Garmin 1030+ that can pair with both my Garmin ANT+ HRM and my Tacx Neo Bike Smart and trainer. Would it be better for me to do my Xert workouts on the Garmin 1030+ because it can track power and HR data?

I have loaded the GC IQ app, Xert Workout Player, as well as the 6 available Xert data fields onto my 1030+. What is the best way for me to do Xert workouts on my 1030+?
If I do them on the Xert Workout Player, will they upload to my Xert desktop and Garmin Connect properly?
I was told by Garmin support that if I run the Xert Workout Player, I will not be able to see the Xert data fields.
Is there another way to do workouts on my 1030+ which will allow me to see the 6 Xert data fields during the workout?
Can I run the workouts on my Garmin but view them at the same time on my Xert ECB android app on my phone so that I can see the workout profile and additional data? Is there a trick to running both at the same time?
Thanks for any help offered.

Typically, the Connect IQ data fields would be used on outdoor rides with the Connect IQ Player used for indoor or outdoor workouts if terrain is conducive to performing structured intervals.
You are correct that you cannot use the data fields and player at the same time on the Garmin, but while performing the workout you wouldn’t need the data fields.
The other option outdoors is to free ride to focus type performing unstructured intervals which would use the data fields (no need for the player).

For a simpler approach to getting started with Xert, consider purchasing an NPE CABLE if available in your market area. Compare the cost to upgrading to a BLE/ANT+ HRM.
Then you could run EBC on phone or iPad with all your sensors and create dual BLE connections if needed (ex, Zwift). Or run EBC on phone and watch the remote or session player on your iPad which includes rainbow gauge, data fields, and power chart running in a browser.

The Garmin Connect IQ/Garmin Connect platform add several layers of connection issues that don’t exist with EBC communicating to XO (xertonline). EBC has many more features than the Garmin IQ player is capable of performing, but you should be able to get the job done either way.

Welcome aboard.

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What happened to the workout that I did yesterday on android EBC? It didn’t transfer to Xert desktop or Garmin Connect. Is it lost?

If you select Save at the end of the activity but have no connection, the activity is saved on EBC until the next time you run the app when it will attempt to upload again.