Xert Mobile

Are there any plans to add a second (or more) Activity pages so it would be easy to show more data fields?

We had considered this a while back but we haven’t heard from many users that it would be desirable. Perhaps what might be better is to add more fields to the screen to accommodate tablets for example.

Just adding a question related to this, I can add to my Garmin 520 only 4 Xert fields, this is counting against all my pages. Is this a software limitation from Garmin’s side? Thanks!

Yes. 520 is quite limited.

More fields would probably solve it for me - there’s easily room for another row of 3 (which are needed to show the TTE related fields along with all the normal other ones including XSS/XEP and Carb/Fat). Showing Focus would be cool too. So probably ok with just more on the same screen but I used the Garmin (occasionally) in a dedicated lap mode for free form intervals. Finally, I also occasionally want to look at left/right power meter stats, etc. I just had a screen set up on the Garmin - didn’t use it much but it was there when I wanted to see. Adding an option (in options for more screens and then modifying the top level menu to add Activity2, Activity3, etc would solve it for me. Those who just want a single screen would never change the option…

Here’s one more vote for all the amazing stuff you are doing. Xert is motivating and fun!

Thanks Fred. We’d like to see the bike computer companies take up the demand to show our metrics … and not just as custom CIQ datafields but as real data that’s part of the platform. We hope that day will come soon at which point you’ll have a number of better options for displaying our data in real-time.