Xert Mobile Update - 2.1.14

We pushed out a new update to Xert Mobile. This latest version comes with a number of improvements to the Derived Power calculation. It should track high power efforts much better. A bug in the Sweat Rate metric has been fixed.

If anyone is comparing Derived Power vs. power from a power meter, if you could post results showing, say 15s moving average with the make/model of your HRM and make/model of your power meter, that would be great. Be sure to set your HR min/max. Also, if you’re testing on a trainer, be sure either have a speedometer configured or set Fan Speed in Settings/Environment to the equivalent outdoor speed your fan is providing (in kph). If you don’t set either, Xert Mobile will think you’re working out without ventilation and (if you are indeed working out with a fan) will underestimate your power.

Hi Armando,
Results from today:

Trainer: Tacx Neo
Measuring Power PM: Vector2 Garmin x HU Garmin Edge 1000 (calibrated).
Measuring HR HRM: Garmin belt type HR (min/max set on XM)
Fan: Dyson <10> Airspeed 448 ft/min = 10 kph (set on XM).
Room Temp: 16 C / 61 F
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/807232633

Lessons learned:
HR max setting check max HR
Data XM not complete, Reason unknown.
Test 2 needed
Compare next time Power data Neo/Vector/XM HR

P Xert HR [W] P Edge Vector 2 [W} AV hr Xert HR AV spd Xert HR AV cad Xert HR

150-200 170 212 144 30 91
200-250 223 210 146 32 89
250-300 277 230 150 33 90
300-350 321 274 155 32 89
350-400 368 412 160 40 95
AV ride 207 231 146 31 91

Thank you Hans! Generally speaking, if your HR when you wake up is 50, your HRmin should be set to about 60 (10BPM higher). Also, if your HRmax is set too high, you’ll see underestimated power numbers. LIkewise, if it is set to low, your power numbers will be overestimated.