Xert Mobile not reading sensors

I installed Xert mobile on my android phone. On my bike I have a Wahoo spd/cadence sensor along with Powertap P1S power meter. Both are using BLE. On the scan screen I’m able to connect to the powertap and wahoo. I set the wahoo to use cad and spd. The Powertap only has TRQ available, no power, which I’m guessing might be a bit useless to me.

Once I go to Activtiy and start riding I’m able to start the logging, but the activity is not picking up any data. Speed, cadence and power all stay at 0. I’m not sure what I’m missing here…

Be sure to START the activity to see data. This is necessary since the activity type defines which sensors to use.

You should have PWR as the first column with your PowerTap. Please double-check. If the columns don’t line up properly for your phone, let us know.