Xert Mobile Cadence Selection

I set mine in “settings” but had no data to support it. Did I over-ride the apps ability to select it for me??? or does it? Also it would be nice to have a search function here…

Are you referring to the Cadence Optimizer bar feature? If so, be sure to configure a cadence, power and speed sensor as well as the available gears on your bike defined in the Settings.

yes. I can get it up and running. In settings I set my cadence at threshold to 104 for no reason other than I “think” that it is correct. I get it how it suggests different cadences at different power levels…definitely keeps bpm lower…however, does the app have a better suggestion for my TP cadence, based on my actual data…not just me guessing?

The Bioshift CIQ app self-learns and adjusts this value on the fly. The soon-to-be-released CIQ Workout Player also has this feature. We have not yet ported this capability to Xert Mobile unfortunately.

One way to get a good value is to record an activity and try and pedal for extended periods near your TP. Try to pedal naturally as much as possible. Then using the data (you can export to CSV or Excel), select the cadence datapoints where you were pedaling at or near TP and take an average of your cadence over these datapoints. Configure XM with this value. This should work nearly as well as the self-learning algorithm.

Will do. Thanks!