Xert Mobile - App not working on Edge 820

I just upgraded my Garmin Edge 820 to v8.7, and tried to use the Xert Connect IQ app for the first time. I was able to login, but the menu doesn’t work. So I just see the main screen.

Are you able to provide us more specifics? We’re not seeing any issues on the 820. Have you tried the usual reboot to see if that helps?

What more information can I provide? I can click on the menu, it highlights in blue, but nothing happens.

When I launch the Xert connect IQ player it says “Workout Player Premium”, “processing workouts”, and then once it completes that it says “Workout ready”. and shows PP, HIE, and FTP, but I cannot use the menu

Does the start button work?

Armando - I played with the app more, and I think this might be user error. Yes, the start button works, and once I do that, then the menu button works. But it doesn’t work unless the workout player is running