Xert Mobile App Crashing

I am experiencing a lot of crashes of the Android app during workouts. It starts up and connects to everything fine, but during the activity the data fields lock and the current target power remains at whatever the last interval was. The timer fields still count up and down respectively but I have to restart the app and Xert service if I want to continue the workout. This is kind of annoying as when it works, it work great, but so far I have only successfully made it through 1 of the four workouts I have started with the last activity crashing 4 times. I am connected via ant+ using a Samsung phone, is there something I can do to improve the reliability of the connection?

Please provide details to support@xertonline.com as well as the FIT file from the player. Let us know which phone you are using and which version of Android. Sorry for your trouble.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have discarded the activities I have had issues with, but I will forward the .fit file and phone details to support the next time it happens.