Xert Midterm exam. Do all these numbers really mean anything?

Last week I increased my TP, HIE and PP with one outdoor ride, the third since September and the first since I joined Xert, 3 months ago. But, today it was my midterm exam: a club ride, 25 mile short but with lots of hills, rated 4. Would this 68 year old guy be able to keep up with the best guys in the club, in their 40s and 50s? Well, I did , and only 2 other guys kept up with me on the appropriately called South Mountain Road! Many hills followed this one and I was able to outsprint them all.
I have 2 questions though; my HIE went up , not by much, my PP went up to 720 ( im 137,so Im happy) but my TP went down from 216 to 214. Not that imporant but why? the other question is regarding my workout. it appears to me that I had a breakthrough, but honestly i dont understand all,this! I just put the blinders on and obey xata. Why not ?
I think I passed the midterm! But dont expect any compliments from the guys! Theyll never admit it!:thinking: Fullsizerender

A+ Keep up the great work. Xert always looks to adjust your signature hopefully up most of the time but sometimes down. This is how the software algorithm works.