Xert garminIQplayer wont control my BKOOL smart pro

Hi. I tried to set up a workout with Xert player on my garmin edge 1000 connected to my FE-C enabled BKOOL smart pro hometrained. The xert player connects to my hometrainer and gets readings (power/cadence) just fine, but it does not change the resistance in the trainer, as the training session progresses. I have no problem getting the BKOOL app or (my garmin edge 1000 without the xert player opened) to control the resistance. Is it not supposed to be able to control the trainer? What am i doing wrong?

Hi Jakob. On your Edge 1000 in the Xert Player app, touch the back button and select Power Control. This will allow the Xert app to ‘control’ your trainer.

Thx for the answer. I have been trying that. When i click power control i dont get an option to turn un resistance control. The app just goes back to the workoutscreen , and stille no resistance control. Any other suggetions :)?

Yes, that’s correct - it will go back to the workout. Make sure you’ve also selected the trainer under ‘power control’.