XATA vs Fitness Planner.

Sorry to keep posting, but there is a lot that seems to not be explained and either buggy, or abritrary, or I just don’t understand how it is supposed to work.

It seems that XATA calculates Today’s Training Deficit and Workout Goal XSS based on end of day (11:59pm) calculations, including any scheduled planner activities supposed to occur later today. It also seems that Focus Type is based on present time (in other words, it is Endurance now, but it will likely be GC Specialist later tonight - both for same XSS)

On Fitness Planner, both Training Deficit/Workout Goal and Focus Type seems to be based on selected workout time. End result is that right now, at 2:17pm, XATA says I have Deficit 133, Workout 94, Focus Endurance. Planner says at 2:17pm I have Deficit 70, Workout 70+9 surplus, Focus Endurance. But, for 11:59pm today, Planner says I have Deficit 133, Workout 94, Focus GC Specialist.

Nothing too material will change regardless of which of these options I accept, but I would really like to clearly understand the logic. Planner seems to work logically: it takes th e time given to make its recommendation for both XSS and Focus. But I can’t understand why XATA looks at end of day workout XSS, but at present time to determine Focus - it is just a bug, or is there some hidden wisdom here?

Thank you!

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Thanks Armando!