XATA and low intensity week

Hello, Im using Trainer Road and currently playing with the Xert trial. I love it and have read everything I can. But before pulling the trigger, I would like to understand one last thing. I am still thinking in terms of 3 or 4 weeks of training with increasing TSS, and then a week with lower TSS to absorb the training. Does XATA take this into account, or do I have to manually adjust improvment rate ? If yes what would the value ? Off season ? Maintenance ? Im still in Prebase phase. I might have misunderstood the way Xert works, but would like to know more. Thanks for any advice.

Depends on your improvement rate. Some improvement rates are sustainable without requiring a rest week, whereas other aren’t. XATA looks at your deficit and your Training Status and if they don’t jive you’ll see a warning that you need more rest. This happens when your improvement rate says you’re behind but your Training Status says you’re Very tired. This makes sense since if your status is fresh and are on track, there really isn’t a need for a recovery week. If you’re actually feeling tired but shows as fresh, using the Freshness Feedback dial. You may see the warning as a result.

Thanks Armando. Makes sense.