Workout Player not working with Garmin 820

Im trying to open the workout player on my garmin 820, but Im getting “obtaining signature…login via phone”. And i dont know what to do next. Ive tried using garmin express, and connecting on xertonline with my phone, but im stuck… please help

Hi Alberto. Watch the video on how to set it up. You will need to login to Xert using your phone.

Already did that, while on my phone and in, the website already says “account currently linked to garmin connect”. But Im still getting the “obtaining signature” on my garmin

Swipe down and check the notifications on your phone. “Garmin Connect Mobile wants you to login…”

Sorry, but I cant find that message on my notifications

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again, but still not working

Hard reset the 820 (hold down the on/off button for 10s). Restart your phone too and then run GCM.

Didnt work either… any other suggestion? Can I just use my iphone Xert app instead?

Yup, you can. 820 app does works though. We’ve had another report of similar issues then they reported all-of-a-sudden it started working for them. They couldn’t identify what they did however.

Sorry to drag up an old thread…

I just wanted to post an update on this as I had this same issue today before my workout on an Edge 520. I found this post after initially trying to fix my issue which was the same as described by OP.

I believe i have found out why my workout wouldn’t load - I originally had the workout called ‘SMART - Ride the lightning’ scheduled. The workout player would not load this workout. So I eventually went back to the website and changed my selected workout to something else. The newly selected workout loaded fine.

I then tried to load SMART - ride the lighting again and it still wouldnt load so it seems that this workout will not work with the workout player and edge 520. This maybe the cause of OP issue.



Hi Sandy! Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, the Edge 520 is rather limited when it comes to on-board device memory. There are some workouts that it simply wont be able to do, based on hardware limitations. In those cases, you may need to select shorter workouts, or workouts with fewer intervals/steps.

Alternatively, you can try using one of our apps (Xert Player for iOS or Xert EBC for Android) in place of the Xert Workout Player for Garmin.

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