Workout not uploaded

Just done a workout on Xert Mobile on Nexus7 with USB ANT+ which worked great apart from it has not uploaded? Help.

You can tap the activity in the activity log and upload it again. Additionally, you can click the vertical dots when you open the activity in the top right and share to email/Dropbox etc.

Thanks, but it does not appear in the activity log for some reason. I’ve uploaded the activity from Strava and I was also running Zwift at the same time.

Hmmm… strange. Your activity should have been created when you ended and saved it. Did you see any errors?

Interesting. Just realised that an existing activity in the activity log was still active from checking out the software several days ago. This maybe prevented the Workout from last night, which worked fine, from saving and uploading? I’ve discarded this activity and will try another workout today/tomorrow to see if that saves and uploads.

Setup is Nexus7 with OTG cable and ANT+ dongle. Wahoo Kickr v2. Detection and control of Kickr was great. Workout was Micros with target MPA. I was also connected to Zwift on iOS via Bluetooth just to capture the XP, using Riders preference workout so Kickr resistance not controlled… :slight_smile:

Cool. If that’s the issue then we might be on to a winner. Saves having subscriptions for TrainerRoad and another performance tracler like TP or TodaysPlan. Hmmm, I wonder if I need Strava Pro for KISS racing on Zwift? That’s all on top of not having to do FTP tests anymore! :slight_smile:

FYI - Did another workout (Recovery) and it synced fine. Looking forward to trying to understand the data more and putting the Smart Workouts to use.