Workout A + Workout B = Workout C ?

So, if I do a 40 Xss in the morning and a 50 xss in the afternoon, do I get the same Xert benefit of a 90 xss workout? Thanks

Always… but you’ll need to account for a bit of a loss from morning to afternoon. After the afternoon workout, the benefit you had from the morning workout will be just a bit less than 40.

…That,s what I was wondering! every day I go from 195 to 196 and next day im down to 195. This doesnt make sense. if i were in maintenance mode even tells me that i dont have to workout for 1 week without any loss! could you shed some light on thie! thanks…but it loers it!:thinking:

Of course it does. Fitness is always dynamic. You add when you workout. You subtract when you rest. (In the case of training deficits, it’s the inverse). You get fit when you train and you lose fitness when you don’t. There are periods of tiredness and recovery, but the benefits and improvements are always dynamic. The system tracks these for you and shows you (via breakthroughs mostly) when your fitness has made a significant improvement. Think of Training Load as your average daily training. If this starts to come down, you start to lose some fitness.

i have been doing the recommended workouts based on the xss required. if my fitness goes up with breakthroughs, it appears that I cant get any breakthroughs with the workouts i,ve been doing. The only big breaktrough i got was a jump from 185 to 195 watts when I did a workout that I created ( incremental 3 minutes starting at 30 watts up to 285 watts) to test my LT with a Humon oxygenaation unit. The humon failed miserably but least , xert gave a big " pat on the back! So, is it possible to get more improvements just with thr recommended exercises.?

Hi Fern. If you want to have Xert track your day-to-day changes more precisely without seeing the slight decline, go th Account Settings / Profile and change the Signature Decay Method to “No Decay”. This will force the algorithm to track your changes directly. It’s pretty cool. However, you may not get as many breakthroughs :frowning: so when you expect to start doing more breakthroughs (Xert doesn’t recommend workouts with breakthroughs since they are generally quite hard and not necessary for improvement) you can switch back to Optimal and you can start getting more breakthroughs and get direct feedback on your improvements. See our blog on “Magic Setting” or check the glossary on Signature Decay Method.

Thanks! I made the change and now Im at 197! So, I like it!:grinning: I still dont know what Im doing.but For the time being just doing the recommended workouts. And ( knock on wood ) Ill get to 218 by April 1. Then I,ll " cruise" in maintenace to maintain until April 30th . This will give me more time to concentrate on my running for World duathlon in Spain. Hope it works!

We’ll be here to ensure it does.

Thanks! Appreciate that!