Which Android and Mount?

Garmin online just failed AGAIN (and bricked my Edge 520). So, I want to just get a good Android device and mount. An added benefit is the elimination of the need to download the signature key for the data fields. Can anyone recommend which device and mount works well for them?

Samsung’s / Sony’s with built-in ANT+ should be fine. We use several models for most of our testing. We’ve tested with some low-cost tablets and phones and have not had issues but according to users, they can be problematic.

Thx. It’s my understanding that the fitness signature is automatically loaded to these devices. How does this work if there’s no data plan (is there a manual wifi option?)

Works with wifi, no problem.

Ok, so I head out the door into the wild where there’s no wifi and then start up the app. Obviously, no way to get the signature. Is there as way to “preload” it (when in range of a wifi network)?

Yes. Try it.

Great. Thx.