When will recommended work outs change?

My athlete type is set to pursuiter, as that seems to be how I ride crits. However, it’s been suggesting I do endurance work outs for three months now. What’s the system behind that?

When’s your event date?

Set to the 1st June. I don’t really have an event, but that’s when I’d like to really start competing in crits.

We should probably update the Recommended algorithm to have “Athlete’s Choice” for events that far in the future. There really isn’t training you can do today for that event, other than spend time on the bike and stay healthy. Once you start getting closer, you’ll want to start with Endurance work (base) and then start to increase intensity as you get closer to the event, eventually hitting your Focus target as it approaches. If you want to have a certain level of fitness during the months before the event, you can change your event date and you’ll see more intensity sooner. But if you’re really looking to do your absolute best during that event, Endurance first with a build up towards the Focus will do wonders to get you prepared.